Help Armadillo Ale Works, Just a Few Clicks

Take a few minutes and go to this site to vote for Armadillo Ale Works to be awarded a small business grant.  All you do is click this link, and then click the “Support” icon on the right side of the page.  Just type in “Armadillo Ale Works” in Denton, Texas, and then click their link to vote.

These guys raised the original money for investment for their current brewing equipment through a site called Kickstarter, which allows you to raise money but not have that money change hands until your ultimate goal is reached.  A true grassroots effort, but good beer and sodas.  Help em out!

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Deep Ellum Brew B Q


Get down  here!

As you can see, this was the line to get into Deep Ellum Brewing’s 2nd Annual Brew B Q this past weekend.  I was helping to pour beers that day, and I believe this was still around 5:35pm (doors opened at 6).  The place was near capacity the entire 4 hours.

Don’t miss this next year (I think a Labor Day BBQ is in order!), it was a blast.  Good food, good people, good music, and of course, good beer.   In addition to DEBC brews, folks were able to try offerings from Armadillo Ale Works and Martin House Brewing Company.

Since I’ve been somewhat neglecting my responsibility to post weekly about upcoming events, I wanted to once again point you in the direction of another great local blog, Dallas Brew Scene.  There is a great source for information on events, what beers you can find at certain places, and just general beer info about styles and whatnot.

I will start to focus more on the primary goal of mine, which is to post beer reviews and updates about developing breweries.  Of course, I’ll be sure to chime in about events I hear of as well.


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BrewRiot Today!

Sorry for the late update on this, but I guess it’s better than never.

From 4-8pm today is the home brew competition, BrewRiot, down in Oak Cliff.  It’s a great time and with this awesome weather, should not be missed.

Basically, home brewers enter a minimum of 5 gallons of each beer they’d like to enter into the competition and they set up booths were they will serve you samples of their beers.  You pay $20, get a cup, and have at it.  There is a judged competition as well as a People’s choice award, which is determined by the attendees who each have 1 coupon to give to their favorite home brewery.

I’m not positive on the details, but there are usually commercial breweries from all over present and giving out samples, and I know the local breweries will be there in some capacity (some are entering as home brewers I believe, may get the opportunity to try some interesting new recipes).

Here’s where you can get more info.  Come out and enjoy a gorgeous Spring evening.

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Drinking for a Good Cause

If you need another reason to enjoy the many special events throughout the Metroplex this Craft Beer Week, here it is:

Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House is part of a fundraiser for a Redhook Brewery employee, Ben Harris, who was killed in an accident at the brewery.  Here’s a short article, but he left behind a wife with a baby on the way.  So stop by and have a pint to go towards this cause. 

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Craft Beer Week!

Happy Craft Beer Week! There’s a ton going on all over the Metroplex, so check your local watering holes for special events. But here’s some of the events that involve the local guys to watch out for in this week:

May 14

DEBC Ferkin Night at World of Beer in Arlington, 6PM (They will be tapping a ferkin of the Farmhouse Wit, fresh hopped with Glacier and Hibiscus).

May 15

Peticolas Brewer’s Table at The Flying Saucer in Addison, 5-7PM

May 16

Rahr and Sons Brewer’s Table at The Flying Saucer in Addison, 5-7PM

May 17

DEBC Brewery Tour, $10 a person, 5-7PM

May 19

DEBC Brewery Tour, $10 a person, Noon-3PM (new shirts and glasses now available)

Franconia Brewing Company Brewery Tour, $5 a person, 11AM-1PM

Rahr and Sons Brewing Company Brewery Tour, $10 a person, 1-3PM

I’ll update during the week with new posts if I hear of any more events featuring the local breweries. Check out BrewDallas for just general craft beer events this week.

Also, get your tickets for DEBC’s Brew-B-Q on May 27. It will feature beers from DEBC, Peticolas, Armadillo Ale, and another new brewery (at least to me), Martin House Brewing (more info to come on these folks). Not to be missed!

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Discount on North Texas Beer Fest

A buddy called me last night to make sure I knew about this Groupon.  It’s a great deal, practically a 2 for 1. 

The fest is this Saturday, May 12 in Irving.  Check it out here.  I imagine this will be a bit more intimate than the Big Texas Beer Fest last month, so if the educational stuff is what you’re interested in, this is not to be missed.  Kelly from Homebrew Headquarters will be there giving 2 seminars on homebrewing (a beginners and advanced session).  If you’ve been interested in brewing yourself (it’s easy!), Kelly is one of the best teachers around.  I still put up with the 635 traffic to head to Homebrew HQ due to the staff’s knowledge and the quality and variety of their products.  Make sure you catch one of these seminars (preferably before you’ve had too many samples so you can remember!).

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Absurdity of Texas Brewing Regs

As many of you probably know, our great state of Texas has some of the most restrictive alcohol laws in the country, and in particular as they relate to breweries.  Basically, the system is set up to give out-of-state breweries a competitive advantage, since a Texas brewery essentially has to choose between on premise sales (such as a brewpub) or off premise sales (such as a packaging brewery).  Brewpubs are then prohibited from selling their beer for resale (that means you only have one location customers can get the beer) and packaging breweries are prohibited from selling a drop of beer for on site consumption.  In other states, both types of breweries are allowed to distribute as well as sell on site, thus adding another stream of direct revenue. 

Messed up right?  Now think about this: In 2009, Texans consumed approximately 1 million barrels of craft beer, yet only 7.2% of that beer was produced by breweries registered with the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. (Source)

So I wanted to share this great article about the next round of the battle for fair brewing laws in Texas. Last year, Jester King succesfully sued to strike down laws prohibiting a package brewery from disclosing to the public where they could buy their products, and it seems that they intend to keep at it.

I will do my best to post info concerning these regulations and the efforts to change them. If even 25% of craft beer enthusiasts in the state contact their state reps, last year’s proposed bills will be laws by 2014 (legislative session in 2013).

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