Lazy Bones Hopeful to Start Rebuilding in September

info hereGood news from the owners of Lazy Bones concerning the rebuilding of the bar and grill: on August 21 at 730pm, they will be appearing in front of the Grapevine City Council (in order to begin rebuilding.  They are applying for a use change, and said that if all goes according to plan, they should begin rebuilding by next month! 

So, here’s what you can do top express your support for Lazy Bones (there will be plenty of time to be lazy once they’re back open!).  If you are a Grapevine resident you are allowed to speak at the meeting, but if you can’t make it or are not a resident, you can email your support to

The agenda item numbers are CU12-31 and HL12-05.  Let them know you want Lazy Bones back and as quickly as possible!  I know I sure do. 


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I am a beer nut. I drink it all the time, I brew it as much as humanly possible, and if I'm not doing either of the first two, I'm probably thinking about it. So as a beer nut, I've always followed the limited beer scene in DFW, and up until recently, there wasn't a whole lot to discuss. Well now there sure is! As many of you already know, DFW and its surrounding areas is having a bit of a beer renaissance. Every month last year I'd hear about more and more breweries "in development" and I'd scurry the web to find out where I can monitor their progress. And that, is what I intend to do with this blog. So now a little bit about myself: I am an environmental scientist by trade, but as of January 2011 I have made the decision to become a professional brewer. Since then, I applied and was accepted to the American Brewers' Guild CraftBrewers Apprenticeship Program and am scheduled to begin in June 2013.
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