Back with a vengeance…sorta

I’m sure anyone who was reading this site has given up on me, but hopefully you all went to Dallas Brew Scene to get all the updates on beer events in the area.  Those guys have an awesome site full of resources, including a great Happy Hour guide and even beer lists for certain bars.  If you haven’t checked them out already, make sure you do so.

So I won’t be posting about all the weekly events anymore, but I will post stuff about beer reviews (Deep Ellum Brewing is about to start bottling!), food, and pretty much anything I want.  I do still have some brewery updates and stories in the works.  So make sure you have notifications set up, like the Facebook page, check out the Twitter, to get updates on new posts.

That being said, there is the Taste of Dallas going on this weekend, and there is a beer tasting ticket option.  For $28 you get entrance to the event, plus 12 two ounce pours of beer.  More info here.


About dfwbeerscene

I am a beer nut. I drink it all the time, I brew it as much as humanly possible, and if I'm not doing either of the first two, I'm probably thinking about it. So as a beer nut, I've always followed the limited beer scene in DFW, and up until recently, there wasn't a whole lot to discuss. Well now there sure is! As many of you already know, DFW and its surrounding areas is having a bit of a beer renaissance. Every month last year I'd hear about more and more breweries "in development" and I'd scurry the web to find out where I can monitor their progress. And that, is what I intend to do with this blog. So now a little bit about myself: I am an environmental scientist by trade, but as of January 2011 I have made the decision to become a professional brewer. Since then, I applied and was accepted to the American Brewers' Guild CraftBrewers Apprenticeship Program and am scheduled to begin in June 2013.
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