Ugly Rugger Brewery

I have another brewery update for you today: Ugly Rugger Brewery planned for Denton.

Ugly Rugger Brewery is not as close to being in production as some of the other developing breweries, but definitely one to watch out for. The couple behind Ugly Rugger is Derrick Rima and Summer Bailey, and they’re getting married this upcoming September. So as you can imagine, developments will get rolling after that.

After being told this, I was extremely impressed with the preparations the two are making at this time. Besides using grassroots marketing and making connections all over town, they have been conducting market research through focus groups, as well as recipe development based on tasting panels. Summer is in Marketing and Public Relations, so she knows what she’s doing.

It’s quite clear Derrick knows what he’s doing when it comes to beer. While I write this, I am drinking one of Ugly Rugger’s Barley Wines, the Drop-Kick Barley. It is very good, especially considering it was brewed in January and bottled in February. It is still quite young, yet very complex and easy to drink, even at almost 12.5% ABV! It is full of malt and hops, which leads to a very pleasant aroma of dark fruits like plum and I swear a bit of cherry. The taste is somewhat similar, yet more hop bitterness and flavor is present.  Definitely American hops in this one, with a citrus and pine hints throughout.  The back end of the taste is reminiscent of whiskey without the bite, as there is only a light alcohol warmth. The finish is slightly astringent and leaves the palate dry. I am sure this bad boy will age quite nicely and only become more complex and smooth.

Until Ugly Rugger can find a location and start jumping through all the regulatory hoops, be on the look out for special events like BBQs and other tasting events. A good source is their Facebook. I will be sure to stay on top of anything as well.

In addition, if you live in Denton and are a homebrewer (or just interested), be sure to check out the Denton County Homebrewers Guild. Ugly Rugger is part of the founding members and will be heavily involved.

Now, I’m going to get back to the Drop-Kick Barley and the Ranger’s trying to close out another one in the 9th.  Nathan needs to stop blowing these saves cause Nefti looked too good as a starter!


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I am a beer nut. I drink it all the time, I brew it as much as humanly possible, and if I'm not doing either of the first two, I'm probably thinking about it. So as a beer nut, I've always followed the limited beer scene in DFW, and up until recently, there wasn't a whole lot to discuss. Well now there sure is! As many of you already know, DFW and its surrounding areas is having a bit of a beer renaissance. Every month last year I'd hear about more and more breweries "in development" and I'd scurry the web to find out where I can monitor their progress. And that, is what I intend to do with this blog. So now a little bit about myself: I am an environmental scientist by trade, but as of January 2011 I have made the decision to become a professional brewer. Since then, I applied and was accepted to the American Brewers' Guild CraftBrewers Apprenticeship Program and am scheduled to begin in June 2013.
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